Hearty but Healthy Winter Soups

There really is nothing like a bowl of hot, steaming soup to take away the winter chill and warm you right down to your bones. That’s why here’s only two rules for a good, healthy winter soup. It has to

Crockpot chicken, vegetables and dumplings

Your complete dinner in one pot! This meal has been a family favorite for years, it appeals to the meat and potato lovers in the family, and is also quite low fat. You can quickly and easily assemble the ingredients

Winter Squash Recipes

There are many foods that are seasonal to the winter months. One of the most popular ones is the winter squash.  This vegetable can be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways that will provide mouthwatering goodness to the

Chicken noodle casserole

One of my all-time favorite comfort foods, this chicken noodle casserole is cheesy and delicious. I know the word “casserole” has fallen out of favor in today’s more trendy and spendy food world, but it can be prepared with whole

Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry

Aloo gobi is a popular dish in the Indo-Pakistani region of Asia. It’s a great dish that combines potatoes, cauliflower, and an amazing combination of spices. This recipe for cauliflower and sweet potato curry is an Americanized adaptation of aloo

Leftovers – Nachos and biscuits with gravy

I love working with leftovers and chicken and turkey are two of my favorites. I have two standard recipes for leftover poultry: Nachos and biscuits and gravy Nachos Like pizza, everyone’s favorite nachos toppings are slightly different. But with poultry

Turkey meatloaf

Two of my roommates, who seldom cook, would hate it if they find out that they have been eating ground turkey meatloaf that we would be making and serving every so often. As they have explained to us, they simply

Mislabeling Issues with Seafood

According to several studies conducted by university researchers, newspapers, and consumer rights groups in 2012 and 2013, consumers at restaurants, markets and grocery store fish counters are probably encountering an unwelcome surprise: the fish they’re buying might not be what

Microwaved southern oven fried chicken

This fried chicken is excellent because it is oven fried and uses less grease than skillet frying. That also means half the fat. It has a wonderful tasty and crunchy coating. It taste delicious hot or cold. The chicken is

Is Chicory Coffee an Acquired Taste

No two coffee drinkers are exactly the same, just like no two coffees are exactly the same. Some folks prefer a full bodied dark roast and some enjoy a light brew with a touch of cream and sugar. Most coffee aficionados