How to become a Beer Connoisseur

Becoming a Beer Connoisseur takes time, dedication, and most importantly a taste for beer from lots of drinking. Education and experience are key to taking your beer drinking to the next level. The next level in my mind isn’t downing

How to a Keg Cold

No backyard party is complete without some cold adult beverages. If you have a large number of guests attending, a keg of beer may be your best option. Kegs are more economical on a per ounce basis and are often

How to Store Tea

Even the best tea will lose its flavour and aroma if it is not stored properly. There are a few simple guidelines for storing tea. The first rule of storing tea is: don’t buy too much tea at once. Most

How to Roast Chiles

Hot “Big Jim” green chili is the best selection for top of the line chili rellenos and thick bell pepper like meat for crunchy green chili salsa. “Big Jim” is generally a mild pepper so some detective work is needed

How to Properly Bag your Groceries

Knowing how to bag groceries properly is essential for every shopper. As a shopper, you should teach yourself how to bag your groceries well. For most people, knowing how to properly bag groceries is seen as a no brainier task,

How to Peel or Skin a Tomato Easily

Make rosettes, by using a sharp knife with a point. I prefer serrated knives for this task. Start at the stem end and carefully, peel into around the circumference of the tomatoes, peeling so that the peeling forms one long

How to Make a Butterbean Casserole

Bean dishes are under-rated.  People are only just beginning to realize the true value of this superfood.  Not only are beans cheap, therefore providing economic cooking, they are packed with protein and most of the essential nutritional elements needed for

How to Make Tasty Flans

The secret of a good quiche, or as the common folks among us call it, flan, is all in using cheese and in the filling. For speed, you can buy and use ready made short crust pastry, though I make

How to Make Black Eyed Bean Pie

As household finances become tighter, everyone is looking for healthy, cheap menus.  This recipe uses healthy black-eyed beans which are a cheap source of low-fat, high protein and carbohydrate.  Beans are extremely healthy being very low fat, very low in

How to Taste Wine

You’ve decided you want to learn how to taste wine. Something has piqued your interest but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Well, you’ve got the first tool for wine tasting: curiosity. Once you’ve got that, everything